Justice Department Asks Seattle Judge to Defer Action on Trump Order

The 9th Circuit Judges William C. Canby Jr. The ordinance collates and codifies city policy that already exists with regard to the enforcement of city immigration policy; but-framed as a new chapter to municipal code-it does carry the force of law.

Score round one for the army of activist open borders judges and lawyers Trump will face at every turn.

If Trump wins with an en banc ruling, it will be a significant victory for the executive administration and will be valuable to the Ninth Circuit's weakening reputation for legitimacy and fairness. On cable news, the talking heads were speculating about whether Trump was reassessing his blunderbuss approach. The bad news is, that's often not enough. Last weekend, he labeled Robart a "so-called judge" and referred to the ruling as "ridiculous". Okay, he is a real judge: he was duly appointed and sworn into that district court position. By that evening, the court unanimously upheld the lower court ruling. Appeal court judges were branded enemies of the people in some British newspapers for finding that approval from parliament was needed for Brexit following a referendum in favour of the move.

President Trump has not yet suggested anything so blatantly political as packing the court. "The role of the judge is to transcend politics".

It is abundantly clear that is exactly what the 9th Circuit has done- or attempted to do.

"The temporary bar, the "putting on ice" of the president's executive order", will continue until the underlying question is resolved, Abraham said, ". whether the president has the power without either congressional or judicial support to bar people as he did". In practice, however, the President does enjoy a certain degree of "authority" to enact law (or not), and he usually does this by either issuing an executive order, or vetoing laws passed by Congress (though such veto is capable of being overruled by two-third majorities in Congress).

And yet, there is more than a silver lining behind these menacing clouds: Trump has both the law and the American people on his side.

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Barring refugees, visa holders and immigrants with green card status, for the first 48 hours of the ban, from entering the USA only succeeds in highlighting the Trump administration's incorrect leadership style.

The property mogul-turned-president also signed three executive orders created to burnish his law-and-order credentials. The travel ban discriminates against Muslims and, at least potentially, breaches the US Constitution. The Obama administration previously identified these countries as among the world's most unsafe countries when it comes to cuddling terrorists.

The Trump order suspends the issuance of visas and other immigration benefits to nationals of the listed countries. It gives some preference to refugees who have suffered religious persecution by being a minority religion in their home country.

Trump's recent immigration plan-which restricts travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries-filled airport terminals with protesters who were against the detention of hundreds of immigrants, non-immigrants, refugees and even US citizens and green card holders, as reported February 6 by The Chronicle.

It doesn't look like the Supreme Court will be hearing an appeal to Washington state's hold on President Donald Trump's immigration ban anytime soon. Because the left thinks they own the courts- they can always find an activist district court judge to agree with their noxious views. The court also said the government failed to present evidence that any alien from any of the seven countries has perpetrated a terrorist attack in the U.S. Where do you suppose did THAT curious doctrine came from?

In my letter to the press I stated that former President Barack Obama "put in place appellate court judges in the 13 circuits of the court which will have a tremendous impact on the judiciary for a few decades".

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